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Bee sting- Ayurvedic Treatment, Diet, Exercises, Research Papers, Yoga & Pranayama

Bees are common creatures all over the world. They do have a very important role in the balance of the nature and ecosystem. They help in the life of many plants and trees by pollen distribution. But coming to the relationship with humans, we are easily attacked by them. People grow honey bees to collect honey. Still there is the risk of bee sting for them. Children can be easily attacked by a bee while playing outside. Usually, severe pain and swelling develops on sting site. Red or blue discolouration can also be seen. Localised skin and connective tissues on the sting site become affected with the immune reactions. In people with allergy, serious problems can develop and the condition can be fatal if not managed properly.

Regarding clinical presentation, bee stings may produce different reactions from localised pain that goes away after a day or two, to severe allergic reaction.

Mild cases

Sudden sharp and burning pain on the site affected

A reddish welt at the area of sting

Mild swelling on the sting site and around it

Almost all these discomforts disappear within hours.

Moderate cases

With stronger reaction compared to mild, people may develop problems like:

Bright red colour on larger area of skin

Bigger swelling at the site that does not reduce after some time.


Severe allergic reactions include:

A severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis that is life threatening. It requires emergency treatment. Only very few people develop such serious reaction but it can be fatal. Clinical presentation of this condition may include:

Skin rashes like hives with itching

Pale looking skin

Breathing problems

Oedema of tongue & throat

Weak and faster pulse

Nausea, vomiting & diarrhoea

Giddiness, feeling dizzy and fainting

Black outs & loss of consciousness


People with such severe reactions if stung many times, the presence of venom may lead to severe toxic reactions and can be fatal. Multiple bee stings can also become fatal in children, old people, or people with heart disease or respiratory disorders.



Causes of Bee sting



When a bee sting happens, a small amount of bee venom is injected into the body. It may cause local allergic reactions around the area. Skin and deeper tissues are affected and an inflammatory reaction may follow.

But in people allergic to the venom, more severe systemic reactions may develop which can be fatal in some cases.



Complications & Treatment of bee sting

Bee sting is considered as an emergency and immediately given medicines for allergic reactions.

If anaphylactic attack develops, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is given immediately.

Further medications include:


Epinephrine or adrenaline to reduce allergic response.

Oxygen supply

Intravenous antihistamines


A beta agonist if breathing difficulty is present.




Preventive measures of bee sting

  • Keep food containers and trash bins covered.
  • Avoid chance of flies with rotten vegetables, garbage or other wastes. Wasps may come.
  • Wear shoes when walking outside.
  • Don’t use clothing with bright colours or floral prints, while walking out. It can attract bees.
  • Keep car windows shut while driving.
  • Take care while gardening for damaging a beehive or wasp nest.
  • If you find any of them near your house, do not go to it. Get it removed by a professional with precaution.



Ayurvedic Concept of Bee sting

Ayurveda explains a vast variety of poisoning under the section Agadatantra or toxicology. It includes poisons of both plant & animal origin. Details of food poison & combined poisons are also explained with clinical presentations & treatment. Bee sting comes under Keeta visha or insect bite. The keeta visha can be of two types sccording to the pace of action in the body. It can be dushivisha causing chronic poisoning or pranahara that causing immediate death. In most cases, bee sting comes under dooshivisha leading to red, black or bluish discolouration of the area with swelling. In some cases, blisters will be seen around the sting spot. The patient may develop discomforts like kandu or itching, daha or burning sensation, visarpa or fast spreading painful red blisters on the skin, Paaki or suppuration etc. In some people, excessive thirst along with aversion to food are observed.

Ayurvedic Nidana of Brucellosis

                             Bee sting from honey bees come under makshika poisoning that leads to discomforts like:

                             Daaha – burning sensation

                             Jwara – fever

                             Muurccha – black outs

Ayurvedic treatment for Bee sting

                             The predominant dosha in the bee sting is Pitta. So the medicines and therapies should be Ruksha(dry) and Seeta(cooling) in nature. Both internal medicines and local applications are given in patients suffering from bee sting. Mostly the external applications work as stambhana or arresting the ovement and circulation of fluids in the channels of the body. Commonly used medicines include:

                             Patolakaturohinyadi kashayam

                             Nimbadi kashayam

                             Sonitamrutam kashayam

                             Drakshadi kashayam

                             Villwadi gulika

Karutha Marma Gulika Lepam



Herbal Preparations for Bee sting

                             Mix of sandal wood paste and gairika

                             Fresh and organic aloe vera pulp

                             Herbal paste of Neem leaves and turmeric

                             Herbal paste of witch hazel



The Food and Drug Administration, United States has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your GP before the intake.

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Dr. Rajesh Nair
Ayurveda Medicine, India

Dr. Rajesh Nair, the co-founder and chief consultant of Ayurvedaforall.Com, is a graduate of prestigious Vaidyaratnam Ayurveda College (affiliated with the University of Calicut), Kerala, India. Additionally, he holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Annamalai University.

Dr. Nair offers consultation at two busy clinics in and around Haripad, Alleppey, Kerala, the southern state famous worldwide for authentic ayurvedic treatment and physicians. While offering consultation on all aspects of ayurvedic treatments Dr. Nair has a special interest in Panchkarma, Yoga, and Massage.

Through Ayurvedaforall, Dr. Nair offers online consultation to patients worldwide and has served hundreds of patients over the last 20 years. In addition to his Ayurvedic practice, he is the chief editor of, the online portal of Ayurveda Medical Association of India, and the Secretary of the Kerala State Committee of Ayurveda Medical Association of India.

Dr. Nair is a regular speaker at Ayurveda-related conferences and has visited Germany to propagate Ayurveda. You can write directly to

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To give you a quick idea about Ayurvedaforall, we are a group of ayurvedic practitioners committed to propagating Ayurveda in its best tradition around the world. Our online store sells authentic ayurvedic formulations backed by professional advice. Now into the seventeenth year of operation, the site has helped us build a dedicated clientele which regularly uses our products and services as well as refers others to us. Needless to say, this has been achieved through our adherence to the highest standards of customer service and professional ethics.


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Dr. Rajesh Nair
Licensed Ayurvedic doctor focused on providing individual Ayurvedic consultation services. Specialized in work related stress, Womens’ issues, diabetes, Pecos, arthritis, male and female sexual problems and infertility. Interested in academic work as well. Now working with as senior consultant, Ayurveda.

Dr. Rajesh Nair

Licensed Ayurvedic doctor focused on providing individual Ayurvedic consultation services. Specialized in work related stress, Womens’ issues, diabetes, Pecos, arthritis, male and female sexual problems and infertility. Interested in academic work as well. Now working with as senior consultant, Ayurveda.

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