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Antipyretic and Diaphoretic CURILL CAPSULES COMPOSITION Each capsule contains: Name of Ingredient Powders and Bhasmas: Latin/ English Name Quantity Shuddha Godanti >>>> 12 mg Shuddha Phitkari Purified Alum 6 mg Shuddha Somal >>>> 3 mg Extracts derived from: Chirayata Swertia chirata 300 mg Guduchi Tinospora cordifolia 150 mg Saptaparna Alstonia scholaris 150 mg Nagarmotha Cyperus rotundus 120 mg Neem chhal Melia azadirachta 90 mg Tulsi Ocimum sanctum 90 mg Sonamukhi Cassia angustifolia 60 mg Dronpushpi Leucas cephalotes 60 mg Katuki Picrorrhiza kurrooa 60 mg Pittapapada Fumaria officinalis 60 mg Bachanaga Shuddha Purified Aconitum ferox 30 mg Marich Piper nigrum 24 mg Ativisha Aconitum heterophyllum 12 mg Kalmegh Andrograpahis paniculata 12 mg Karanj Pongamia glabra 6 mg THERAPEUTIC RATIONALE: CURILL is a natural anti-pyretic and analgesic. Cyperus rotundus (Nagarmotha) and Alstonia scholaris (Saptaparna) exhibit antipyretic activity. Curill reduces the body temperature gradually and also relieves body ache. Indications 1) Fever associated with common cold and flu 2) Pyrexia of malarial, bacterial or viral origin 3) Pyrexia of unknown origin Dosage Capsules: 1 capsule two times a day to be continued for seven days after symptoms have subsided. Presentation Capsules: Blister pack of 20 capsules DO’S AND DONT’S Do ‘s 1) Take the prescribed medicines at the right dose for the right duration 2) Take a healthy, bland diet till the fever settles down 3) Drink plenty of fluids Dont ‘s 1) Don’t take self-medication. The fever may be due to many causes, which needs to be diagnosed. 2) Don’t exert yourself. Take rest for faster recovery 3) Avoid outside food.

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