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      Antiflatulent, Antispasmodic and mild laxative GARLILL TABLETS COMPOSITION Each coated tablet contains: Name of Ingredient Powders and Bhasmas: Latin/ English Name Quantity Lasun Allium sativum 130 mg Hing Shuddha Ferula foetida purified 50 mg Indrayav Holarrhena antidysenterica 50 mg Haritaki Terminalia chebula 40 mg Sanchal >>>> 24 mg Katuki Picrorrhiza kurroa 24 mg Shuddha Kupilu Strychnos nux vomica purified 24 mg Vidanga Embelia ribes 24 mg Shunthi Zingiber officinale 20 mg Latakaranj beej Caesalpinia bonducella 12 mg Sariva Hemidesmus indicus 2 mg Bhavana Kumari Aloe barbadensis 50 mg THERAPEUTIC RATIONALE: Garlill is a composition of carminatives and motility regulators of GI tract. Allium sativum (Lasun) and Ferula foetida (Hing shuddha) are well known for their carminative properties. Ferula foetida in addition to its carminative property also exhibits antispasmodic and laxative activity. Indications 1) Flatulence 2) Feeling of fullness Dosage Adult: 1 tablet two times a day after meals for a minimum of six weeks. Children: Half the adult dosage. Presentation Tablets: Jar of 100 tablets. DO’S AND DONT’S Do ‘s 1) Balanced diet is advised. 2) Consumption of warm water with one to two teaspoonfuls of ginger juice is recommended. 3) Drinks like fresh buttermilk, jaljira etc. to be consumed. 4) Fresh fruits and fresh juices are advised. 5) Consumption of vegetarian diet is advised. 6) Fasting is recommended in acute cases. Dont ‘s 1) Avoid oily, spicy and fried food. 2) Avoid irregularity in dietary habits. 3) Avoid consumption of fast foods, confectioneries and bakery products. 4) Avoid smoking and tobacco chewing. 5) Avoid excessive consumption of tea and coffee. 6) Avoid alcohol consumption.

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