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The Natural, Antioxidant and Immunity Booster. Indications: As a natural antioxidant and Immunity booster to all patients of debility, Metabolic disorders “Gout and Diabetes” Type 2. In chronic infections and recurrent bouts of cold to build immunity and protect against the onslaught of virus and bacteria. After surgery or after prolonged illness to hasten the recovery. In infections especially during pregnacy and lactation. Anaemia in pregnancy Benefits: Rejuvenates & stengthens body tissue. Well tolerated and less chance of constipation and gastric irritation. Ensures healthy Pregnancy and lactation Reduces oxidative stress and increases immunity. Lowers risk of Chronic diseases. Ensures faster recovery from illness. Reinforces resistance against recurrent infections in childrens. A tonic effect for all ages of people. Dosage: One capsules twice daily


Charak Pharmaceuticals

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