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Mensta syrup Incidence of menstrual irregularity is extremely common among women during their reproductive age. Typically the normal pattern of menstruation in this condition is disrupted either due to an unduly long or short menstrual cycle or unusually heavy or light flow. In some cases menstrual irregularity is also accompanied by menstrual cramps particularly in lower abdomen. Symptoms can range from mild annoyance and severe pain that interferes with normal life. In the case of employed women as also in students menstrual cramps are the leading cause of staying away from work. Dabur MENSTA is an extremely safe and effective remedy to tackle menstrual irregularity and also the accompanying menstrual cramps. Its anti inflammatory action, reduces abnormal swelling of uterine tissue and the anti-spasmodic ingredients help reduce muscle cramps, stomach pain etc. The anti-oxidant action of MENSTA helps repair of female reproductive organs while Safed jeera in MENSTA mimics hormone like activity and regularizes menstrual cycles. MENSTA is fortified with Astringents and Styptics, which help controlling abnormal and excessive bleeding. “Dabur MENSTA syrup is clinically evaluated at a dose of two teaspoonful twice a day for a period of 3 months for its safety and efficacy in menstrual irregularities. Most importantly, it contains only natural ingredients such as Ashoka, Safed jeera, Klaunji and Ajwain etc., making it free from side effects” said Dr. Durga Prasad, M.D. (Ayurveda), Sr. Technical Manager at Dabur India Limited.



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