Orthonil Ointment


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SAFE AND DEPENDABLE CHOICE OF ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DRUG IN CHRONIC AND LONG ACTING PAINEach 10g is prepared out of :1. Allium ceppa – 5.47g2. Piper betle – 5.47g3. Moringa oleifera – 5.47g4. Aloe vera – 5.47g5. Pongamea glabra – 5.47g6. Asperagus recemosus – 5.47g7. Erythrina variegata – 5.47g8. Vitex negundo – 5.47g9. Ointment base – qs.Usage & dosage : Apply liberally over the affected area and massage gently every hour immediately after injury. Can be used as a pre-bandage application. Useful also in pain and swelling even days after injury.Presentation : 30g collapsible tubes.


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