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Contents Rasona 200mg Tila taila Base 250mg Classical Ayurvedic text books have spoken highly of the therapeutic efficacy of garlic in Til Oil base. Modern clincal and pharmacological investigations have proved the classical claim. Helps in the proper digestion of food Its decongestant action helps to clear the respiratory passage and by its antibacterial and mucolytic action helps in the treatment of cough. Sagarlic pearl is especially useful in the long term treatment of cold and cough. Useful in various diseases of heart and blood vessels such as hypertension, artherosclerosis and to reduce cholesterol. Garlic has been described in ayurveda as sandhaneeya ie, helps in the healing of fractured bones. Useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, rheumatic diseases. Garlic is useful in chronic fever, skin diseases, internal worms, pain in abdomen. Susruta (su.46) and Ashtanga hridaya (Su 6 ) recommends garlic in urinary diseases. The other uses of garlic are vigour, vitality, digestive, gentle laxative, improves complexion, chronic fever, piles, skin diseases, anti inflammatory, good to eyes and hairs, tumours, expectorant and useful in urinary diseases. Dosage 1 to 2 pearls 3 times a day. Presentation Blister of 10      


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