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FOR EXTERNAL USE IN HEADACHE OF VARIOUS ETIOLOGIES, SINUSITIS, MIGRAINE AND ANXIETY RELATED HEADACHES.Each 25ml is prepared out of :1. Sida retusa – 4.8g2. Phaseolus auries – 4.8g3. Emblica officinalis – 4.8g4. Santalum album – 1.04g5. Phaseolus roxbergi – 4.8g6. Sassurea lappa – 1.04g7. Tinospora cordifolia – 4.8 g8. Glycerrhiza glabra – 1.04g9. Coconut oil – 25mlUsage & dosage : To be applied over the scalp 10 minutes before bath, preferably twice daily.Presentation : 25ml bottle.


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