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Stresnorm Manages Stress Stresnorm is a precise formation of natural adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shatavari Shunti etc. for a sustained, long term effect in managing stress. Rationale Stress in this modern age begins even before birth and never ends. Every individual is subjected to stress in all walks of life and passes through atress life cycle. Ashwagandha in Stresnorm prevents stress induced changes in adrenal cortex, corrects sleep disorders, provides relief from anxiety neurosis and increases immunity levels. Brahmi in Stresnorm erevitalizes the nerves and brain cells, reduces negative thought activity, helps helps in memory process and calms nerves to counter the effects of stress. Vidarikanda is a demulcent tonic and Shatavari by virtue of nutritive tonic action, restores and strengthens body’s defence machanism. They counter the effects of stress on the immunity system. Amalaki is Stresnorm is a potent antioxidant, whereas Gokshuru helps eliminate toxins by renal clearance. Shunti in Stresnorm helps infaster assimilation of adaptogens in the blood stream and helps in reducing stress induced hyperacidity and gas formation. Thus Stresnorm – manages Stress naturally – by the action of adaptogens which are natural substances which helps the body heal and protect itself by adapting to stressful situations. Adaptogens increase mental capacity by improving attention spans and calms mind. Adaptogens have marked cardioprotective activity during painful emotional stress conditions. This combination manages stress and allows individual to “FACE LIFE WITH SMILE”. Each Tablets Contains Ashwagandha 3.5 g Vidarikanda 0.5 g Shatavari 0.5 g Brahmi 0.25 g Shunti 0.375 g Amalaki 0.125 g Gokshuru 0.125 g Indication Physical, Mental and Emotional stress in all age groups, General debility and as a supplement to diabetics and paralytics. Dosage One to two tablets twice daily with milk, or as directed by the physician. Caution Store in a dry Place Keep away from Light and Heat


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